Little Looks – Petrus Sour Beers 


Little Looks are the reviews of brews that may be new to the market, a local beer I want to shout about, or simply a classic revisited.  Disclosure: the following beers were sent to me for review purposes by a representative of the brand. I didn’t pay for the beers, but I do not believe […]

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GUEST POST: Beer Swap with Chris Norman – Round 2


The first county beer swap with beer reviewer Chris Norman, of the delightful Circlemaster Blog, was a success, so we thought we’d go in for round two. The same theme was followed where by I sent Chris a Sussex beer and he sent me one from his home in Nottingham. This time around you can […]

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Subscriptions have changed from the usual book, wine or chocolate clubs from a few years back. Gin, snacks, vegetables, geek- merch, socks (?!)…you can pretty much obtain anything on a weekly or monthly basis simply by signing upto one of the many subscription boxes out there, and the world of beer has not been left […]

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Men With Gun – Gun Brewery, East Sussex

gun brewery feature image

Words – Rach Smith | Photos – Mike Smith, Rach Smith. It all started with a borehole. A borehole because of the desire to collect his own Sussex spring water, so, when enquiries were made into getting a steel container for said spring water the question, “Are you building a brewery?” was posed. And so the […]

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Destination: Mallorca 


Words – Rach Smith | Photos – Rach Smith, Mike Smith.  We’ve traded in the gloom, both the weather and the news items, for scenery exposed through hair-raising hairpin bends; the scares outweighed by the big sun in the bigger sky; impaled by jagged mountain; deep blue filling the spaces in between. Orange juice is […]

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A Sense Of Place – The Three Legs Brewing Co, East Sussex.

three legs

Words – Rach Smith | Photos – Rach Smith, Mike Smith Travelling across this small, rural county from West to East, following the path of tree-lined back roads, I was discovering parts of Sussex I’d never seen before. Under the bluest sky on the first warm weekend of spring I found myself eyeing the distinct […]

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Concept & Folklore: Wetting the Cuckoo


There’s an old Sussex quirk, plenty of old Sussex quirks in fact, but there’s one that caught my attention as I flipped the pages of my Sussex Miscellany; Cuckoo Ale. It states that as soon as you hear the first call of the season from the tenacious cuckoo, you must go to the nearest inn […]

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Guest Post: A Bottle Swap with Chris Norman


A little while back Chris Norman – who blogs over at – got in touch about a potential collab post. We opted to go down the route of a bottle swap, each sending a beer from our respective regions, followed by a guest post on each others blogs. So, a mystery Nottinghamshire brew found its way […]

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REVIEW: Franklins Brewery Bottled Range + Q&A


I never used to like hoppy beers. My naive palate found the bitterness to be just too much, too unpleasant, like a slap around the face. Thankfully that’s changed and single hopped beers have played a part over the years in helping me to appreciate the more hopped up brews on the beer spectrum. Citra […]

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Procrastination and The Carnival


Procrastination was hanging over the afternoon like a thick blanket of cloud, smothering inclination. She looked outside and was greeted by a sky of grey, a thick blanket of cloud had also been fogging what could’ve been a fine March day. So there she was, stuck inside, hiding away from the gloomy late afternoon and […]

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