So Here We Are – Goose Island’s London Block Party.


I’m on the 12:49 London Bridge train out of Horsham, as sunny spells emerge through occasional cloud on this late September Saturday, I make my way toward Shoreditch. When asked what I was getting up to this weekend, the answer “going to a block party” was greeted by confused faces, and to be honest, it’s […]

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Brighton Beer Hunting 


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 2016, FROM 1PM @ EVENING STAR This is a call to drink! To drink Brighton dry! Why? Because there’s some damn tasty beer to be had this side of the South Downs hills and because Rebecca Pate is leaving old London town behind for the day and so a tour of what […]

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Little Looks – Petrus Sour Beers 


Little Looks are the reviews of brews that may be new to the market, a local beer I want to shout about, or simply a classic revisited.  Disclosure: the following beers were sent to me for review purposes by a representative of the brand. I didn’t pay for the beers, but I do not believe […]

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GUEST POST: Beer Swap with Chris Norman – Round 2


The first county beer swap with beer reviewer Chris Norman, of the delightful Circlemaster Blog, was a success, so we thought we’d go in for round two. The same theme was followed where by I sent Chris a Sussex beer and he sent me one from his home in Nottingham. This time around you can […]

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Subscriptions have changed from the usual book, wine or chocolate clubs from a few years back. Gin, snacks, vegetables, geek- merch, socks (?!)…you can pretty much obtain anything on a weekly or monthly basis simply by signing upto one of the many subscription boxes out there, and the world of beer has not been left […]

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Men With Gun – Gun Brewery, East Sussex

gun brewery feature image

Words – Rach Smith | Photos – Mike Smith, Rach Smith. It all started with a borehole. A borehole because of the desire to collect his own Sussex spring water, so, when enquiries were made into getting a steel container for said spring water the question, “Are you building a brewery?” was posed. And so the […]

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Destination: Mallorca 


Words – Rach Smith | Photos – Rach Smith, Mike Smith.  We’ve traded in the gloom, both the weather and the news items, for scenery exposed through hair-raising hairpin bends; the scares outweighed by the big sun in the bigger sky; impaled by jagged mountain; deep blue filling the spaces in between. Orange juice is […]

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A Sense Of Place – The Three Legs Brewing Co, East Sussex.

three legs

Words – Rach Smith | Photos – Rach Smith, Mike Smith Travelling across this small, rural county from West to East, following the path of tree-lined back roads, I was discovering parts of Sussex I’d never seen before. Under the bluest sky on the first warm weekend of spring I found myself eyeing the distinct […]

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Concept & Folklore: Wetting the Cuckoo


There’s an old Sussex quirk, plenty of old Sussex quirks in fact, but there’s one that caught my attention as I flipped the pages of my Sussex Miscellany; Cuckoo Ale. It states that as soon as you hear the first call of the season from the tenacious cuckoo, you must go to the nearest inn […]

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Guest Post: A Bottle Swap with Chris Norman


A little while back Chris Norman – who blogs over at – got in touch about a potential collab post. We opted to go down the route of a bottle swap, each sending a beer from our respective regions, followed by a guest post on each others blogs. So, a mystery Nottinghamshire brew found its way […]

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