Are you going sober for October? Nope, neither am I. How about you join me in supporting the Big Beery Night, an event being run by the lads at The Beer O’Clock Show (@BeerOClockShow) and Phil Hardy (@Filrd) as it calls for a charitable donation whilst drinking a brew! Interested? Yeah, thought you might be.

So what’s it all about? One-part backlash against the seemingly endless ‘be sober for a month and raise money whilst doing it’ promotions that run nearly every month now (the more of these that spring up, the more harm is done to local pubs and micro breweries), and one-part fundraiser for the huge network that is Macmillan Cancer Support.

I lost my Grandad to cancer last year. Macmillan do an incredible amount to support those affected but it’s up to us to support them in return.

So how do you get involved? On Friday the 25th September buy a beer. It could be a bottle to drink at home or a pint down the pub but drink it, enjoy it, tweet or instagram a picture of it with the hashtag #BigBeeryNight to show your support and then head over to the Just Giving page and donate the price of your beer to the official collection. The target is a modest £1000, but with growing support from the beer industry, drinkers, bloggers and tweeters I’m sure that’s a target that’ll be smashed.

logoThe 25th also marks the day of the Macmillan Coffee Morning, so have your cake early on and then join in on Twitter for an evening session of great beer and fundraising.

Plus there’s an auction taking place, among other initiatives, so keep an eye on the Twitter feed for more info. There’s also a number to text your donation to if it’s easier:


It really is a simple concept for a great charity. Buy a beer, drink your beer, Tweet or ‘gram to #BigBeeryNight and pay for it again via a donation to the Big Beery Night JustGiving page. Join in, and I’ll see you on Twitter, Instagram and JustGiving on the 25th.

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