The Last Sip – Calling Time on Look at Brew.

I’ve been blogging as Look at Brew on and off for the past eight years or so, mostly focusing on the UK beer scene, a scene which has become an incredible beast. Sometimes that beast is something I want to be around, research and interact with, other times it’s something which I don’t recognise. It has changed beyond what I thought it would in such an incredibly short time.

The scene’s evolution has been, for the most part, a good one; a levelling-up in creativity, passion and ambition has been a wonderful thing to see, especially when looking at the local scene in Sussex. I’ve been lucky enough to meet fantastic people because of beer and blogging but also, where this scene used to give me an energy, of late I’ve become tired of it, for reasons I won’t go into- let’s keep this thing positive. So I’m taking a step back. I have been for a while now really. It’s time to take heed of the disconnect I have been feeling and reconnect with the other things which make me tick and make me happy.

I like writing and blogging, and I love sharing stories and making those connections, there IS a want to continue to write a blog, just not exclusively about beer any longer and not under the Look at Brew handle.

I’m also currently in the process of moving, and all being well we are going to move to a new nest- a fixer upper. The home renovation and big garden project I’ve got in mind is something I will be putting a lot of energy into over the next few months and is already exciting me.

My social media accounts may have a change of name and will definitely become more personal ones; there’ll still be the odd picture of beer, but less of it; there’ll be more home life, plants and gardening- there’ll be a lot of that, it’s been my job for the last 16 years- wandering, doodling, and other interests, so now’s the time to jump ship if you wish to.

Thanks for the support over the years- the likes, the shares, the comments, the beers, the friendship. It has been a fun ride! But all good rides come to an end. Maybe see you for the next one?

Cheers, all